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Discover truly unique scents that take you places, tell stories and let you stand out from the crowd. Because you are all that matters.

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niche perfume discovery service

Enter the world of haute parfumerie where exclusivity meets style and the most talented perfumers strike the notes of the rarest and most precious ingredients.

We have traveled this realm for a long time and now invite you to join us on a journey through the glamorous galaxy of liquid emotions.

Yana & Nadja

How does perfumestry work

You discover, explore and enjoy the world of niche perfume and we take care of all the rest. It’s that simple.

Make an order

Subscribe to receive a selection of rare and remarkable scents every two months. Or choose to buy just one box to give it a try. We are sure you’ll come back.

Enjoy fragrances

Savor the best and most exclusive scents of the world delivered to your doorstep. 10 samples to test drive and fall in love with.

Discover stories

Learn about the history, inspiration, people and places behind each perfume. Believe us, being an insider makes smelling even more fun!

Fall in love

Doesn’t matter if it’s love at first sniff or a slow and steady romance. Once you found a match use our exclusive promotion codes to get even more out of your next full bottle purchase. You’ll be surprised how many extras from the perfume houses will be coming your way!

Smell and repeat

With Perfumestry you will never run out of inspiration. Each edition brings a new carefully curated selection of stunning and special scents. We will help you build a fragrance wardrobe that is as unique and marvellous as you are!

Connect & share

We are real people, two girls passionate about all things perfume. We love talking to you! Connect with us on social media and share your experience, thoughts and pictures! We’ll always answer. And who knows, you might even win something! 

A box of samples is not enough? Take your perfume experience to the next level with our workshops!

The world of niche perfume knows no limits, neither do we. We use our expertise and connections to make everything possible, from a private party tailored to your tastes and style to corporate events customised to entertain, delight and educate your entire team!




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About us

Yana Perfumestry


Perfume lover, blogger, former business consultant & the creative mind behind the Perfumestry idea

Nadja Perfumestry


Perfume expert, influencer & organisation wizard who gives Perfumestry structure and soul  

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