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Perfumestry discovery boxes

Why explore fragrances with us?

Fragrance discovery made easy

Try the best of niche perfumery without hurry or purchase pressure in the comfort of your home

Smell the best of niche

We curate a selection of the best new niche releases and the rarest hard-to-find artistic masterpieces

Go On Fragrance Adventures

Every edition explores a new mood, style, or a perfume note for you to fall in love with

Enjoy original quality

Our boxes contain only original samples from the world’s top fragrance brands

Be in the know

Every sample comes with a lavish information card full of insights into the scent and brand

Save big

Take advantage of exclusive deals, gifts, and offers from our partner brands

Fragrance Discovery Services

Perfume Workshops

Perfume events, hands-on smelling sessions and fragrance workshops for groups and companies. You’ll smell the latest trends, learn about the industry and try fascinating raw materials.

Online Consultations

Book a personal consultation. We’ll answer all your fragrance questions, discover your scent personality and provide you with an extensive personalized set of niche perfumes to try.

Personal Shopping

Go shopping with an expert. We’ll discuss your preferences and take you to the most exciting perfume shops in your area to smell and choose the best scents that match your unique style.

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What clients say

Easy and convenient, even for a new mom

I’ve always been overwhelmed when it comes to perfume. I used to have one bottle and would wear it all year long until it was finished, regardless of the season and occasion. Then I started reading reviews and testing perfumes in stores, but it was very inconvenient. Now I have a five-months-old baby, which makes going to stores to try perfume even more difficult and stressful. So your boxes are just perfect! So far I have bought one bottle after discovering it in the box. Two are on my shopping list, and I am considering three more. Your information cards are brilliant, by the way!

Maria, Starnberg

Saves me a lot of time

I don’t have enough time to research what new perfumes are good. This Perfumestry box has solved the problem for me. After trying the samples I have chosen my next fragrance without wasting time in perfume shops. The discount code on the card is a nice extra, have used it to order from the brand’s website and got a lot of samples too.

Andreas, Frankfurt

Safely try before buying full bottles

There aren’t many niche perfume shops in Finland, and my town has no perfume shops at all. It’s impossible to try interesting fragrances that I see on Instagram in store. And they are too expensive to buy without trying and pay the costly international shipping. Thanks to you I’ve finally been able to try some really unusual and unique scents. It’s clever to have both very famous and very rare brands in each edition. Will be buying the next box for sure!

Helena, Finland

My self-care ritual with a touch of luxury

As a doctor I care for my patients, but finding time for self-care can be challenging. The fragrance discovery boxes from Perfumestry have been a game-changer for me. Not only do I get to try new unique scents, but it also helps me take a moment for myself and feel calm and beautiful. The process of selecting a new sample to try has become a mini-ritual that I look forward to, and I love the surprise factor of discovering new fragrances that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. I highly recommend Pefumestry for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their self-care routine.

Yasmin, Munich

A way to try really unique niche scents

I have been a fan of niche fragrances for several years now and thought that I knew most of the brands. Perfumestry discovery boxes have exceeded my expectations. Every selection of samples is carefully curated, and I’ve discovered some amazing scents from brands I haven’t been aware of. I recommend this service for anyone, especially those with a deep appreciation for true niche perfumery, looking to expand their fragrance collection and discover new, exciting scents.

Thorsten, Freiburg

Guaranteed original quality at affordable price

I love fragrances, they are my hobby. I used to buy decants and participate in splitting bottles on online platforms in order to keep my hobby within budget. But I got tired of getting decants of bad quality that smelled nothing like the same perfumes in store. It was also risky, as Sometimes sellers disappeared after taking money without delivering any fragrance at all. With Perfumestry, I can finally stop worrying about quality and whether I am getting a cheap fake decant instead of the real perfume, while still trying all the new and interesting fragrances at affordable price. The service is amazing! I love the pretty packaging of the original samples, professional design of the box and the hand-written notes.

Agnieszka, Warsaw

New Scent Every Day

Have sprayed the last perfume from the box – the scent is a fabulous surprise! The whole selection is great, the box is beautiful, I like the design. All perfumes are interesting and were new to me. Thank you for the 11-day trip into the world of fragrance!

Lena, Berlin