Essences of Movement


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Essences of Movement is a collection of 11 original niche fragrance samples that will make you want to move. This Perfumestry box is all about scents that are full of rhythm and remind us of dancing – from relaxed swaying to lounge beats to the passionate energy of tango, they explore the universe of movement and rhythm.

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Product Description

Life is movement, and movement is poetry. When we are happy, we dance. That’s why for this discovery box we have curated a selection of exceptional artistic fragrances that will make you and everyone around you want to swing and sway to your rhythm. And that’s the kind of soft power that will make you the most irresistible person in the room!

From relaxing sounds of bossa nova to the tamed energy of an orchestra waltz, in the Essences of Movement discovery box you will find 11 original samples of exclusive niche perfumes that will make your heart beat with excitement and joy that otherwise only dancing can. Fragrances are often described in the language of notes and accords, so we’ve set out to find the most musical new scents for you to try. This selection will take you on a scented journey from the free-form jazz to the exotic Middle Eastern harmonies, from passionate Argentine tango to the chill vibes of lounge music. All you’ll need to do is spray, breathe in, close your eyes, and let your imagination do the rest!

And the best part? Once you’ve found the fragrance (or a few) that truly move you, you can make use of the exclusive offers from our partner brands and get the best value when buying a full bottle!

Perfumes in this box:

  • Astrophil & Stella – Paris Cheri
  • Blend Oud – Zagar
  • Dentelles by Micallef – Dentelles Rouges
  • HFC – Wear Love Everywhere
  • Moresque – Divina Marchesa
  • Mutis – Selva Negra
  • New Notes – Osmanto Shock
  • Regalien – Ala
  • The Gate – Secret Encounter
  • V Canto – Stramonio
  • Sprit of Kings – surprise sample

Every sample comes with an information card providing you with interesting insights and details about the brand and two perfume reviews from different points of view.

As we work with brands directly, we can give you shopping codes for exclusive savings and offers when purchasing bottles directly from the brands! No need to search the internet for the best deals when you like a scent. Using our codes, you will get the best value for your money, plus the joy of buying directly from the makers without intermediaries!

Our philosophy is “only the original, only the best”. That’s why we offer only original brand samples. No decants, no refills, no ugly unanimous atomizers, no meddling with the fragrance liquid that puts it in contact with air and pollutants changing the scent. With us you get the original visual design and exactly the same scent experience as when spraying from the full-size perfume bottle, period!

Sustainability is one of our core values. That’s why our beautiful boxes are made from sustainable recycled German paper locally, by a paper manufacturer in Berlin. They are put together with love and care, and we encourage you to keep and repurpose them to store perfume samples or other little luxuries.

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