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Would you like to smell happy? Joie de Vivre is a collection of 11 original niche fragrance samples representing Joy. This Perfumestry box brings you the best scents to make every day a celebration of yourself and life!

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Product Description

Joie de Vivre, joy of life! Perfumes are liquid emotions, and this box is all about creating happy moments and making every day a celebration. We’ve selected eleven joyous fragrances from some of the most sought after artistic brands for you to try.

This collection explores the relationship between scents and the feeling of comprehensive joy. The Joie de Vivre box gives you not one, but eleven different ways to be on cloud nine. From euphoric glow of pure gold and elated champagne bliss to calm delights of pristine tropical waterfalls. From ceremonial high spirits at a royal court to quiet sunny childhood memories, this box is filled with jubilant olfactory thrills for you to choose from.

And the best part? Once you’ve found your personal happy scent (or a few of them), you can make use of the exclusive offers from our partner brands and get the best value when buying a full bottle!

Perfumes in this box:

  • Atelier Des Ors – Rouge Saray
  • THoO – Neverending
  • M. Micallef – EdenFalls
  • Kajal – Lamar, Homme II
  • Jacques Zolty – J’Suis Snob
  • Violet – Compliment
  • Giardino Benessere – Pompei Garden
  • Pure Sense – Inspiration
  • Tiziana Terenzi – Kirke
  • Begim – a surprise sample!

Every sample comes with an information card providing you with interesting insights and details about the brand and two perfume reviews from different points of view.

As we work with brands directly, we can give you shopping codes for exclusive savings and offers when purchasing bottles directly from the brands! No need to search the internet for the best deals when you like a scent. Using our codes, you will get the best value for your money, plus the joy of buying directly from the makers without intermediaries!

Our philosophy is “only the original, only the best”. That’s why we offer only original brand samples. No decants, no refills, no ugly unanimous atomizers, no meddling with the fragrance liquid that puts it in contact with air and pollutants changing the scent. With us you get the original visual design and exactly the same scent experience as when spraying from the full-size perfume bottle, period!

Sustainability is one of our core values. That’s why our beautiful boxes are made from sustainable recycled German paper locally, by a paper manufacturer in Berlin. They are put together with love and care, and we encourage you to keep and repurpose them to store perfume samples or other little luxuries.

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