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Perfumestry Vol. II Scents of Power


Scents of Power – second edition of Perfumestry discovery box.

10 original perfume samples from 8 brands selected to explore what it takes to make us feel powerful and boost confidence.

Every sample has a beautifully printed card with all the information about the scent and the promotion code that gives you extra benefits (from savings to free gifts) when purchasing a full-size perfume.

Samples included in the box:

White – Puredistance, The Tycoon – St Giles, Dualite Magnifique – Plume Impression, Rose Absolument – Les Parfums De Rosine, Dentelles Blanches – Dentelles, Opulent Wood – Maison Sybarite, Rainy City –, Herbes – D:SOL MMXVI, Terram – D:SOL MMXVI, Tesoro – D:SOL MMXVI

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Second edition of Perfumestry discovery box titled "Scents of Power". It contains 10 original perfume samples from 8 extraordinary brands that we've selected to explore what it takes to make us feel powerful and confident. From a scent inspired by billionaire lifestyle to the lasting effect of an elegant first impression left by a perfect blend of white flowers. From the disruptive innovation of water-based haute parfumerie to the cleansing power of a fresh start. Primeval forces of nature and the energizing side effects of travelling, opulence of precious raw materials and the attraction of mystery. All of these experiences influence us in different situations, helping to reveal and accentuate our charisma. And this is what this box is about - fragrances that make us truly shine! Every sample in this box reveals a facet of what it means to feel confident and in control. We are especially proud to bring you not only one, but three fragrances from the new star on the perfume horizon - the Berlin-based brand D:SOL MMXVI, giving you the opportunity to get to know the complete collection.

Every sample comes with its own beautifully printed card where you can find all the information about the perfume, the brand, as well as our personal reviews and, most importantly, the promotion code that gives you extra benefits (from savings to free gifts) when purchasing a full-size perfume from the corresponding brand. We are proud of having negotiated the best exclusive perfume deals available on the internet for you! With Perfumestry you can not only discover extraordinary hand-picked fragrances, but also get the best rates and great add-on gifts when shopping for your favourite scents! Building a perfume wardrobe or choosing fragrance gifts for your loved ones has never been easier and more fun!

Samples included in the box:

  • The Tycoon - St Giles
  • White - Puredistance
  • Rose Absolument - Les Parfums de Rosine
  • Dentelles Blanches - Dentelles
  • Dualite Magnifique - Plume Impression
  • Opulent Wood - Maison Sybarite
  • Rainy City -
  • Herbes - D:SOL MMXVI
  • Terram - D:SOL MMXVI
  • Tesoro - D:SOL MMXVI

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Our samples come directly from the perfume houses. They have the design, size and packaging as made by the brands themselves. We do not decant, refill, split or otherwise tinker with the samples. This way, you can experience the fragrances exactly as intended by their creators, without the risk of being misled by a skewed or altered smell profile.

We care about society and our planet. That's why we have chosen to work with a local sustainable packaging manufacturer. Perfumestry boxes are made in Berlin from high-quality environmentally certified German paper. This minimizes the environmental footprint and ensures fair wages and labour conditions. We encourage you to reuse Perfumestry boxes to store your perfume samples or any other little treasures that require a luxe container. Show us how you put them to use by tagging @perfumestry and using #perfumestry hashtag on social media!


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